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What should I buy when the crypto market is down?
"What tokens and cryptocurrencies, in your opinion, are worth investing into? What should I add to my investment portfolio? What cryptocurrency will make xxx in the near future?"
Viktor Ptitsyn
Mathematician, trader, crypto investor
Expert opinion
We have talked with a number of investors and they all share the same opinion - rates of all cryptocurrencies are directly affected by the rates of the main and most popular cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. Consequently, it is pointless to wait for other currencies to grow if Bitcoin does not.

Now, when the crypto market is down, consider investing in American shares. Do not put all your eggs in one basket and invest all your money in crypto only.

As for decentralized projects, I recommend to consider Scientific Coin — a platform for scientific projects (crowdfunding, scientific freelancing). This platform implements a lot of advanced scientific technologies along with blockchain.

I also have Dash in my portfolio. In my opinion, this coin is pretty stable and it shows stable growth.

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