Selling items fast and easy with Trimpo and fatcats.market
We know how important it is to our users to sell their items quickly. That's why we are happy to announce our integration with Trimpo, a service that makes selling goods much easier. Now you can put your items up for sale on all major selling platforms, including Amazon, eBay and fatcats.market.

What are the advantages of this integration? Trimpo either integrates with your CMS system or you automatically add items for sale and list you accounts on the marketplaces. The chosen items will be automatically added to all the listed marketplaces.
How to start selling goods on all marketplaces at once?
Create a shop on Trimpo. Create or upload item descriptions. Learn more on Trimpo's blog.
Choose YML type in 'Export' section and copy the link.
Sign in or create a new account on fatcats.market
Fill in the form to link your fatcats.market account
By sending this information, you agree to our processing of your personal data.
All set! Now you can manage all items for sale on different marketplaces in the integrated CMS Trimpo.
You have more questions? Our fatcats.market team has all the answers. Check out our contact form (at the bottom right of the page).
Ask even the most silly ones. We will answer all of them.

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