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How much does it cost to post an ad? Do you charge fees?
Every ad placement is free, both for goods and services. Just register at fatcats.market and go ahead!
How many ads can I place?
As much as you want. If you run a shop we can even help you to make a massive placement. Just contact our support for assistance.
Can I buy fatcats.market tokens?
If you'd like to support fatcats and benefit from its token just leave your contact details here and we'll get back to you very soon :)
What if cryptocurrency exchange rates drop? Does it mean that I'll have to sell goods at lower prices?
Absolutely not! Fatcats.market corrects prices according to the current exchange rates. If you choose to set prices in fiat (e.g. in rubles), prices in bitcoins will be calculated automatically, meaning you will receive full payments for your goods according to the current exchange rates.
How will I receive money for my goods?
You may easily withdraw funds from the crypto wallet and transfer them to a bank account. Funds are transferred according to the current exchange rates. It usually takes less than 15 minutes. Our User Support will help on all the transaction stages.
What should I do with cryptocurrency after I receive it?
You can easily withdraw fiat (rubles, dollars, euros) through an exchange. It usually takes less than 15 minutes. You can learn more about cryptocurrency exchange here.
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