How to buy GSXC tokens

How to buy GSXC ( tokens on STEX trading platform

Go to and click REGISTER. Two fields for you to enter your email and password will appear. Note that your password must consist of at least 6 symbols, including upper and lowcase letters and numbers. Click REGISTER once more.
Check your e-mail inbox and follow the verification link in the email from — you will see a confirmation message. Done! Now you have your own account on the exchange platform.
Go to the ACCOUNT section and drag the thumb 'Please enable 2-factor authentication for withdraw' to enable two-step verification. This will help to secure your account.
2-factor authentication via Google Authenticator
  1. Download Google Authenticator app (iOS / Android)
  2. Register
  3. Click '+' in the upper right corner and choose 'scan barcode'.
  4. Hold your phone's camera up to the barcode opened in STEX.
6. Enter the 6-digit code that appeared in the app
7. Click CONFIRM
8. Yay! The 2-step verification of your STEX account is activated and now you can safely transfer your money there.
A list of currencies available for purchase should be displayed here. If the list is empty, try reloading the page or make sure you clicked the link in your inbox.
Click DEPOSIT next to the currency you want to buy tokens in. If you have no cryptocurrency yet and you don't know how to get it please contacts our support via contacts form below or by email
Copy the link that appeared in the opening window. Important: make sure you have chosen the right currency. For instance, if you transfer bitcoints to you litecoin wallet, they will be lost forever.
Transfer money from your wallet to your STEX account. We recommend GAS = 6 for transactions as it will speed up the transfer process. The transfer may take some time. Wait for 15 minutes before making any transactions.
Go to the TRADE DESKTOP menu. Select GSXC token on the left and a currency you have (btc, for example) on the right in the upper window 'Select Pair'. Choose the right amount of tokens in the 'You Buy' window. Click BUY AT x.xxxx

Note that the minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH!

All set! As soon as you place an order at a price not lower than the market price (the lowest price is displayed on the calculator during the purchase but you can offer a higher price to speed up the process).
You can offer a slightly higher price to close the order faster. If you place an order at a lower price, no one will sell you tokens and the order will never be closed.
You have more questions? Our team has all the answers. Check out our contact form (at the bottom right of the page).
Ask even the most silly ones. We will answer all of them.

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