Fat Cats Report
June 21, 2018
Founder of fatcats.market
Publication date: June 21 2018
It's time to tell what's really going on with our project and how ICO investments are working. Let us begin with comparing our WhitePaper promises with reality. Let's go!
Highlights. Plans/reality
Our website and mobile app fatcats.market will be launched before March 17. So, if you want to hire a designer, for instance, and pay him with cryptocurrency – you'll find ads here. If you want to sell an old iPhone for bitcoins – you can do it using our app
Fact #1 the first version of the website was launched on March 8. This makes fatcats.market a rare occasion when an ICO was launched precisely according to the team's road map.
20% of revenues will be allocated among the token holders in proportion to their investments; this clause is included in terms of the smart contract. In our case, it is clear how we get revenues and it is always possible to track cashflows on the wallet. It is easy to count how we allocate 20% of revenues as well
Fact #2 our Offer for advertisers is already available at http://en.blog.fatcats.market/ads. A link to a smart contract is also available:
20% of money transferred to the smart contract, goes to our public adress at Etherscan. The actual amount accrued on this wallet will be allocated among token holders in September.
The second reasonable question is 'how will the platform make money'? We are not going to be original here, it's pretty obvious – by selling various types of advertising. Needless to say, there will be no ads in the first 6 months. However, our current goal is to attract as many users as we can in 6 months. Only then we will start selling ad spaces at a domestic auction.
Fact #3 6 months since the launch of our website have not passed yet. So, we could have postponed selling ad spaces until September without violating the terms of the White Paper. However, we have already started signing ad contracts because of the following reasons:
The sooner the project starts being self-sufficient, the more successful it will be – it will stand on its own two feet.
The sooner we start selling ad spaces, more money we will make, more ethers we can allocate among token holders, making token prices grow in doing so.
The first ad was placed on our Telegram channel and we'll receive ethers for banner ads on the fatcats.market website nearest weeks. Well, let's be real here: Fat Cats' revenue in June will hardly exceed several thousand dollars. We have not achieved the break-even point yet but we are making our first steps in that direction much earlier than planned.
Overall summary
The team and I have fulfilled the promises enlisted in the White Paper. Our investors may rest assured – we are smoothly moving towards the day in September when 20% of our revenues will be allocated among token holders.
Fat Cats in numbers:
1 027 000
offers on the platform
104 900
unique users in the first month since the launch of the project (data provided by Google Analytics, May, 2018)
14 567
registered users
Token prices: how do we stay strong on the exchange?
When we have just launched our ICO, everyone kept saying we were doing it all wrong. Among other things, we were criticized for not having a referral program, Bounty and discounts. Buy 10 tokens and get 990 for free – we never did that shit. The number of tokens people got as bonuses for their work was also just a few thousand in total. Why?

Well, we just knew that we would be listed on the exchange sooner or later; and if token prices were to decrease after that, we were not going to look good. That was why we decided to give up on several things:

Discounts for investors. Only a few investors got discounts; I met almost all of them in person (except for one) and knew that the risk of them selling tokens right after the ICO was finished, was minimal.
Referral program. There were only three cases when people received interest from selling tokens to their audience. And again, I met almost all of them in person (except for one). They received their interest in ethers, not tokens, and had a choice to either convert ethers into tokens or not.
Distribution of tokens to our employees — we dropped this idea at an early stage. In fact, one of our team members has bought tokens from us on his own accord. So, it was not a freebie: he actually invested into the project, spent a part of his salary on tokens. It was his own choice.
Stupid money. We have refused some of the potential investors. Moreover, I kept saying the same thing to them over and over: 'Only invest as much as you are willing to blow'. I had a goal – to reduce the number of alarmists among our investors, leaving only those who are ready for the long-term investments.

As a result, holders of GSXC tokens (fatcats.market) are long-term investors who believe in the project and are willing to keep our tokens at least until we start allocating revenues – at this point, the prices will naturally go up.

Most of my colleagues say I am a fool – I could have collected more money during the ICO. Yeah, I could. However, those would have been stupid money which would have brought more problems in the long run. Fat Cats are not my first business and I know that stupid money received from alarmists are the most dangerous thing for any project. I've learned it the hard way.

The irony is that most businesses kick the bucket not because they lack funds but because they have too much. Lads who collected tens of millions of dollars rush to buy Alfa Romeos and Ferraris. And guess what? They will sell those cars at cheaper prices just a year later as investors will nail them to the wall. I've seen such examples before.

GSXC tokens are now traded at approximately the offer price (0.00379 ETH for 1 token), sometimes it's higher and other times – lower. Generally, there is a price corridor ranging from 0.003 to 0.004 ETH for 1 token. There are no dramatic fivefold or tenfold drops. Sure, there is always a risk that prices will fall but I did all I could to minimize this risk.

Future: opportunities and challenges
This is the opportunity I see here — now, there is no leading marketplace on the international cryptomarket and we can become one. If we do, the number of users on our marketplace will increase to 20-30 million people monthly. Taking into account the current ad placement prices, we'll be able to generate approximately $1 million revenues. 20% of this sum will be allocated among the investors. Given the volume of the issued tokens (1 149 638 tokens), it will generate 17 cents per token monthly.

This sure seems like a promising idea that will allow our current and future investors to recover their investments in 11 months after we start allocating 20% of revenues. What do we need to make this come true? What are Cats' weak points now? What prevents us from expanding?

We have a good developers team now. The current budget allows them to work steadily until the project reaches the break-even point (till August-September). Also, they will implement all the promised functions (personal wallet, guarantor service and other useful functions) this summer. However, we certainly need to speed up the development process and significantly improve product quality to become market leaders; since resources of our current team are not enough for this, we need to get a new one. The plan is simple – the old team fixes bugs and adds functions to the existing soft, while the new one develops our new product in a new architecture (taking old bugs into account). The new team is worth about $100 thousand.
International marketing. We are now investing into international marketing – promotional videos for the Swedish and Thailand markets are on the post-production stage. We are already getting first ads and buyers from these countries. We have also introduced a new category — Services. Now, developers and website designers from different countries (including Russia and Ukraine) have an opportunity to sell their services for crypts on our marketplace. Obviously, we want to promote our service as much as possible; that's why we will invest every dollar per each $100 thousand into promotion.
How will we attract investments?
We had been selling our team's tokens starting from April 3 until we joined an exchange. We were ready to sell 300 thousand tokens. 61 thousand tokens from that pool were sold at 0.00379 ETH. We are now putting the remaining tokens on the exchange — 239 thousand tokens at an increased price of 0.00397 ETH. First 77 000 will goes to STEX exchange or you can place an order righht now.
Let's now pass to my favorite questions: :)
Nikolay Mokhov
Founder of fatcats.market
What will happen if we do not attract additional investments?
fatcats team:
In this case, we will just be less likely to become the first and the largest marketplace in the crypto world. Nonetheless, we will still allocate 20 per cent of revenues among the investors.
What will happen to cryptocurrencies? What do you think about the collapse of cryptocurrencies?
fatcats team:
Let me be blunt about it — Fat Cats is one of the few teams on the market who work on making cryptocurrencies grow in prices. We actually provide additional value to crypts. Others either panic or proudly call themselves hodlers – people who hold on to cryptocurrencies no matter what. In fact, they bring nothing new to the world and certainly do not influence growth in crypts' prices. They all just sit on their asses waiting for a miracle. Well, we do not wait for miracles, we work hard to make them happen.
Do you want to swiftly move towards a happy crypto-future? Support Fat Cats. You don't believe in Cats? Then help our market rivals. They all keep rumbling on about how they collected millions or even tens of millions of dollars but these are all lies, believe me – they will be more than happy to receive your investments. As a market player, I really want my team to win this game; however, as a crypto-enthusiast, I just want the crypto sector to develop as a whole.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions about tiken purchase via email mokhovnv@gmail.com or Telegram @NikolayMokhov