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sell or hodl?
It is pretty much the most popular question for the Expert Center of By the way, people ask about other cryptocurrencies as well.
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Date: September 5, 2018
It depends on when you want to earn money – in the long or short term. If we talk about the next few months, there is probably no point in hodling Ethereum. There will be forks – and they'll affect the price. It is included in the price even now, that's why we see slow dynamics. Then again, it applies to the market in general but bitcoin feels objectively better.

If we talk about the next few years, then yes – there is a point in hodling. When the market starts growing, I bet it will be Ethereum that will start growing accordingly and even faster than most crypto on the market.

If you are willing to risk it and wait a few years – go for it. If you want to earn money in the next few months or preserve your capital – bitcoin is a better option for you then.

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