Platform worldwide

They say crypto currencies will never be a real payment method because
It's way too volatile
High costs of transactions
Merchants are afraid to receive payments in crypto since it's barely regulated yet has proved that
Why spend crypto now if it keeps growing?
We created a platform for buying and selling legal goods and services for crypto currencies
Platform was launched in March
104 900+
unique users in the first month since the launch of the project (data provided by Google Analytics, May, 2018)
1 027 000+
offers at the platform from actual sellers
of revenues of the platform will be distributed among token holders
14 567+
registered users
0,00397 ETH or 1,89$ — token price till September
Key metrics
People keep saying that bitcoin is not an ideal payment method. But for Anna who bought a record player for biocoins as a gift to her husband, cryptocurrency was the best option. Before that, she just had some biocoins set aside and did not know what to do with them.
Cryptocurrency is an ideal payment method for our clients
Alex wanted to enter the cryptoworld but was not ready to spend fiat money to buy cryptocurrency. So, he sold his record player while Anna bought a gift for biocoins.
What have we achieved?
Etherium network alone runs from 500k up to 1000k transactions daily and more than 90% of these transactions are accounted for purchases of goods and services
We have proved that our platform can earn on advertising. Now we want to increase the volume of transactions and the number of visitors.
We have proved, based on real transactions, that the cryptoshopping has its customers
We have a market to scale
How can I support
As an investor you can buy tokens on the STEX exchange and contribute to the development of the project
You can tell about our project on social media or your blog. We are happy to recieve your feedback because we want to make better
Buy and sell
You can become an active member for free. Buy and sell your goods and services at
If you won't start making cryptocurrency a real payment method — who else will?
Our goal is to
the moon
We destribute 20% of revenue among token holders
The placement of personal ads is free, that's why our shopping platform already attracts more than 100k users a month
We earn money by showing advertisements on our website and social network pages to our platform's audience
We develop promotional tools for ads in order to introduce paid accounts for sellers
Why will we
We unite those who want to sell goods for cryptocurrencies with those who want to
spend them
We gather the community of cryptoenthusiasts around us and this
is a titbit for advertisers

On average, ad placement on successful themed resources costs 1 BTC and more
How do we make money?
Nikolay Mokhov
Serial Entrepreneur
Eugeniy Sergienkov
Tech lead

Developed strategic software for government
15 years development experience
Elena Rukavishnikova
Marketing & PR
Marketing at MeForo
Account at Playtox
Founder of
Nikolay Oleynic
Frontend lead
System architect at URALS ASU IT
IBM and Microsoft contractor
Project road map
January, 2018
start of development (complete)
March, 2018
soft launch, sellers attribution, community management and promotion (complete)
May, 2018
first advertising sales (complete)
September, 2018
first payouts to the tokens holders
October, 2018
paid ads tools, paid transaction insurance
February, 2019
shop ratings, reviews
March, 2019
advertiser's tools and personal account
April, 2019
smart search algorithm
based on user preferences
June, 2019
gaming platform on
a revenue share basis
September, 2019
timeline and social mechanics
Project road map
Invest today to start receiving payouts
this september