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The market is down. So where does that leave us?
You can speculate both on growth and decline.
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Published: September 14, 2018
I have recently had negotiations with an international exchange. Very interesting. First of all, they have found my email address and wrote me an email on their own accord. And let's be honest, my project is not that big, so it's not every day that it receives compliments from large international exchanges. Secondly, the contents of the email are pretty interesting. Representatives of the exchange have offered their full service with information and PR support (and the audience is quite large) for a relatively low price – 4 BTC or $26 thousand. It's surprising but coin listing fees were quite different six months ago: even shady exchanges charged $40-50 thousand and they certainly offered no PR support.

Things got even more interesting – they insisted that we should start as soon as possible but I said 'Sorry, guys, I have no extra BTC at the moment'. 'Oh, it's okay', they said. 'You can pay half of the sum in your tokens.' Now I'm actually thinking about making the exchange lower the price to 1 BTC just for fun. Or even to 0.5 BTC. At the same time, some of the English-speaking crypto bloggers now offer 50-60 or up to 80% discounts. Moreover, they started to show interest and email us on they own accord. It sound quite unusual, especially given that not too long ago, the same people have actually said their schedule is tight and that they need to have a look at our project first — what if we are some fraudsters?
The market is overvalued and even the market players understand it now.
What do these examples show us? They show one simple thing – the fact that the crypto market is overvalued has become obvious for the market players. Half a year ago, many people pointed out that the market is overheated but it did not influence behavior of crypto businesses. And now the market players have understood that the market is really overheated and they are forced to attract clients by all means possible. What is the use of it for us? Whatistheuseofitforourinvestors?

Firstly, I cut costs and did everything to ensure that our team did not grow, while our rivals rented offices and warehouses. Moreover, I did everything to ensure that the company would function and expand as usual even if there were only 3-5 permanent employees. Why? I did it in order to get rid of dead weight and make our little ship the most manoeuvrable by the time the drought starts.

Secondly, the market is now undervalued. Anyone who knows the history of stock markets, also knows that the pendulum always swings from overvalued to undervalued. The dot-com bubble is a classic example of this: there was a period of extreme growth and then the bubble had suddenly burst. And then it recovered again.

Now, the most important thing is that you can make a lot of money only in the extreme points. The market is too overvalued – bet on the decline, the market is too undervalued – bet on the growth. People really do value money now. Six months ago, $100 thousand were like pocket change. You could do almost nothing with them. Now $100 thousand have turned into real money and you can actually launch a huge PR campaign, hiring bloggers and platforms (while getting 80% discounts from them).

Large startups will now have to deal with the internal expenses: cut staff, learn how to earn money and appreciate even small amounts. It will take months and not everyone will survive.

From the very beginning, Fatcats have been working with really small investments and not only did we manage to create a real working platform but also earned money (not much but still). So now, when everyone on the market went numb with shock, we want to expand.

Our team does not rush things – we want to make a great deal of money on our project. That is why we are making our bet now. It is not some blind faith in the bright future – it is our well thought-out investment plan. Naturally, we will be happy to receive additional investment and move forward. And we still have room for large investors. Join us!.

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