Please, share your opinion on the STeX project. Should I buy their tokens?
We receive a lot of questions considering the STEX exchange where tokens are traded. We could not leave them unattended.
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Published on August 22, 2018
Actually, we are friends with the STeX exchange and its founder. So, even though we might be a little prejudiced, we will still try to give you a well-thought-out answer.

Firstly, these guys really do work on the IT infrastructure and constantly improve it. When I had a meeting with STeX founder, we spent a lot of time discussing programmers and how to work with them. Truth be told, not everything on the exchange works perfectly; however, being Fat Cats founder myself, I believe that it is always better to improve the product along the way than preparing it for ages in an attempt to reach an ideal result.

Secondly, I also know that transactions are constantly made and there are interesting services for ICO projects on the exchange, and many of these projects will become successful very soon.

Thirdly, the exchange's top priority is to list new tokens. And it is quite challenging as there are many scams and the founder of STeX has to filter them out. As for big and serious projects – they are now closely examining the exchange, monitoring its work. I also promote the exchange among various ICO projects, so I see how this process goes. I expect that tokens of big and serious projects will appear on the exchange in the next 6 months. It will lead to an increase in transaction volumes and, consequently, result in financial return. The exchange will reach its peak in a year after people get to know it and see that it outruns its competitors both in technology and usability.

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