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Fat Cats Expert Service is an advisory service in the crypto world. We receive dozens of questions about crypto currencies every day. This is why we have launched Fat Cats Expert Service and are ready to share our expertise.
What questions can we help you with?
All of these and even more!
Buying and selling crypto currencies
How to buy/sell Bitcoins or Ethereum? Where are the most profitable rates?
How to launch an ICO
How to launch an ICO and how much will it cost? What resources will I need?
How to spend crypto currencies
Where can I spend crypto currencies? What goods or services can I buy?
How to cash crypto currencies?
Where can I cash crypto currencies? Where are the most beneficial rates? How to avoid being tricked by fraudsters?
Smart Contracts
Can you recommend a programmer to write a smart contract?
How to register on an exchange? What are the basic trading principles? How to choose an exchange?
Where should I keep crypto currencies? How to exchange fiat for crypto safely?
How to choose crypto currencies and tokens for investment? What should I add to my investment portfolio?
Personalized service
Can you create an account for me? Can you buy crypto for me? Can you compile an investment portfolio?
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Prepare guidelines
We teach you and provide with all the necessary information.
We can help if you are
Going to invest
Even when it comes to our own tokens, we ask investors to invest only the money they are ready to lose. We will teach you a balanced approach to investing and will help with investment ideas.
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Launching an ICO
If you consider launching an ICO, we can provide full support, from the budget outline to visual representation, texts and creating the coin itself. The price for such advisory services in Moscow starts from $3-5 thousand. Clients of the Expert service will get our advice for free.
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Interested in trading
There are a lot of brokers on the market, whom investors send money. In our opinion, it is a mistake. The crypto world provides a lot of opportunities to use brokers' advice but still keep money on your accounts and control them by yourself. We can teach you how to trade on an exchange.
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