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How to buy cryptocurrencies and convert them to cash?
«Hi! Could you please tell me, what is the most advantageous way to convert bitcoin to fiat money and visa versa? I am currently using Epayments and its partner – DSX exchange»
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Published: September 5, 2018
It is true that using Epayments and its agent, DSX, was and still is among the most financially advantageous ways to turn crypto into cash.

If you want to transfer money directly to your card, keep in mind that exchange rates both on DSX and Epayments are pretty unfavourable for most fiat currencies other than dollars or euro.

Actually, you can compare exchange rates on different services using

LocalBitcoins is also one of the services we consider safe, stable and high-quality — there are private sellers and buyers who offer good exchange rates; transactions are safe and secure.

In other words, the scheme looks as follows:

Deposit money to Locals (cards, cash, e-money) - transfer bitcoin to DSX - exchange for a currency or tokens you want

and visa versa:

Convert your cryptocurrency into BTC on DSX - transfer to Locals - transfer to your bank card

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