Attack of the Xiaomi Robots
Vacuum cleaners and smart homes will save the world
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Date: September 5, 2018
One of my friends has recently decided to robotize his apartment — install a smart home system. Although he is pretty rich, he still likes to make things with his own hands.
The only thing the robot did not do? He did not keep the house clean.
It all started with a robotic vacuum cleaner. The last one, Samsung, was fucking irritating. Some people don't like swear words but believe me, there is no way to say it politely. The vacuum kept getting stuck under the bed, cats played with it and it was just always in your way. The only thing the robot did not do? He did not keep the house clean. So, even though it was pretty entertaining, my friend eventually got tired of it.

In the end, he got angry and decided to buy a Xiaomi vacuum. Few know but Xiaomi manufactures not only mobile phones but lots of other stuff too: detectors, sensors and so on. So, my friend has managed to assemble a smart home without much effort.

The robotic vacuum cleaner has mapped the apartment, so it does not get stuck under couches; moreover, it works only when no one is home – it's smartphone-controlled. Obviously, air conditioning and lightning are also smartphone-controlled: smartphone has turned into a universal remote of the whole house. The best part of this story is the price. My friend paid around $400 for the vacuum, while other devices cost only a few hundred dollars.
He paid around $400 for the vacuum, while other devices cost only a few hundred dollars.
Once I heard this story, I decided that Fat Cats should also sell Xiaomi Smart Home. So, we have added the smart home gadgets on our platform. But it does not end here.

We know that not everyone wants to deal with the smart home devices by themselves, so we have made an agreement with guys who install smart home systems professionally.

Naturally, there is a matter of trust. Can we guarantee that the Xiaomi device you bought will be delivered in time or that the guys who install smart homes do their job properly? We have personally negotiated with the Chinese sellers, so Fat Cats will monitor the delivery process and deal with the rest if necessary. As for the installation process, these guys are our partners, so don't hesitate to ask them if any question arises.
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Xiaomi Smart Home
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0.1258 ETH
— Connects all Xiaomi Smart Home devices into one network
— WI-FI remote control
— Built-in speaker and online radio
— Built-in light sensor

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1.259 ETH
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

— Maps the house and determines the most effective cleaning route
— 5 types of obstacle sensors
— Magnetic stripe wall

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0.0677 ETH
— Determines humidity and temperature level
— Built-in speaker and online radio
— WI-FI remote control

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0.0679 ETH
— Opens windows to let fresh air in
— Automatically turns the light on/off
— Motion sensor connected to a camera to ensure safety of your house
— WI-FI remote control

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0.63 ETH
— Dust and smoke protection
— Mechanical filtration and adsorption
— 100% — Dust, pollen and other large particles, 99,3% — 0.3μm inhalable particles, 99,99% — 2.5μm particles, 91% — formaldehyde and other harmful substances

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0.126 ETH
— Works as a remote controller to any device
— Controls air conditioning, TV, projector and air humidifier
— WI-FI remote control
— IR signal

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0.074 ETH
— Overload protection
— Power sockets and USB ports
— Cable length 1.8 m

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0.059 ETH
— WiFi Network Frequency: 2.4 GHz
— USB power supply
— Transmission rate: 300 mbps
— USB interface 2.0
— USB rotation angle up to 180°
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