Advertising on Fat Cats Market: what's up? is a platform for cryptocurrency owners, the purpose of which is to exchange cryptocurrency for real goods and services. Most of our users are real crypto owners. This makes us different from 80% of other platforms where people are 'just browsing'. in numbers
Unique visitors in May 2018
Registered users
Daily audience gain
1.2 MIL
Goods and services worldwide
'Now, let's talk numbers. Fat Cats finished ICO on April 30. We had 104.9K visitors in May (May 1-31). We have 6.2K registered users. Average daily audience gain is +100. There are more than 100K ads published by private individuals and companies.'
— Nikolay Mokhov, Founder of the project
Fat Cats know ways to attract audience and draw people into any project
We mostly use 2 channels for promotion: our Telegram (more than 6K subscribers) and YouTube, launched in May (the most popular video has 25K views, second most popular — 10K views). We are constantly promoting our project; and it's not quite as simple as just buying ads or banners. Not at all. We have launched an international contest called #StayaLivewithcrypto and it has attracted bloggers from all over the world: from Switzerland and Thailand, from Moscow and Bishkek.
What's more, the project was covered by different media, starting from bitcoin-themed websites to Govorit Moskva radio station and Russian business newspaper Kommersant.

Among other major projects is the Expert Center of Fatcats.Market — a platform where users ask questions and get expert advice from the real crypto professionals.
What advertising formats do we offer and what are the rates?
Top banner
0.03 ETH
Index page of, the price is for 1 thousand views. Minimal purchase is 300 thousand views.
Advertising on Telegram
English and Russian speaking community. Total audience coverage — 20k.
Youtube integration
An interview or a review. Video production along with information support on social networks.
Pop-up website/blog
0.02 ETH
Pop-up window on the fatcats website and blog, price per 1 thousand views. Minimal purchase is 300 thousand hits (6 ETH).
Bright stripe on top of our blog pages
0.01 ETH
All blog pages, price per 1 thousand views. Minimal purchase is 300 thousand hits (6 ETH).
Special custom advertising projects
Negotiable. Leave us a message to find out more.
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